Reading books makes us informative

13 Feb

Spending money for books is not an expense, rather its an investment”. I want to start with this slang which sticked in a book.Usually we read novels (which unknowingly improves our vocabulary) or some self developmental books. But reading should not end with it.Some of us restricts with our academic subject books. There is nothing to blame them, but I request them to show their interests in various subjects which will be more interesting while they start.

I would like to ask one question to the youth. How many of us know about SPACE SCIENCE and its latest development? We were using so many inventions in our day to day life without knowing who invented it, and how hard they worked to produce it for our convenience. I suggest that the biographies of inventors and scientists and about People, culture and places will be much more interesting while selecting books to read and there are lots to learn from them. There are several cultures which we are not aware of, but will be surprised when we begin to read it. There are lots to learn in this world.

We don’t have Swami Vivekananda or Buddha or Socrates at present, to sit besides them, to know about their philosophy or to ask them some queries. But we have them in the form of books, to chat with them, to know what they told to mankind to live life peacefully.

As youngsters we have to make a habit of reading books regardless of any particular field (like politics, sports etc), which can help us guide our children when we become parent, because children will learn most of the habits from their parents. We don’t need to ask our child to forcibly read books and to be informative; rather we can start with a mini book shelf at home with some collection of good books. If we make it, surely one day the child, who see it will pick the book from the shelf, start to know and learn something on his/her own interest.

Article Edited by, Mayra olivera, R.Mugunthan

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