Ballad of a Soldier (Ballada o soldate)

16 Jun
Ballad of a Soldier

Ballad of a Soldier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cast : Vladimir Ivashov, Zhanna Prokhorenko

Director : Grigori Chukhrai

This Russian film Set during the World war II period, is actually not a  kind of war movie. Rather It tells the story of an young soldier’s journey, on his way towards his  home from the battlefield. The film begins with a farm women, whom expects her beloved on her village road .Its the passage which her son left for the battlefield. A background voice then reveals to the viewers that the women’s son died on the battleground and been burried.

Alyosha Skvortsov (Vladimir Ivashov) is a Russian soldier, whom one day on the battleground destroys two German tanks, more to safegaurd himself rather than a brave attack. His Commanding General offers to honor him, but Alyosha requests him to give few days of leave instead of decoration ,so that he can go back to his home to repair his house as requested by his mother.

The General grants him six days of leave. Pavlov, an another soldier in the battelfield, requests Alyosha to give his gift of two bar soaps for his wife, as his house is on the way to Alyosha’s home town. Alyosha accepts to do so, and on his journey he  meets with an frustrated handicapped soldier and offers him an helping hand and witnesses a truely committed loved couples through him. He then meets an young women named Shura on his train journey. Shura quarrels with him as she initially distrusted him. But both , later starts loving each other . Then both together  goes to see  Pavlov’s wife to handover his present. There They shocked to see Pavlov’s wife lives with an another man.Alyosha handsover Pavlov’s present to his father instead , and leaves the place. Alyosha then leaves Shura to reach his home as time running out. Finally Alyosha in a hurry, mets his mother only for few minutes and then leaves the place to go back to the battleground. Finally the movie ends with Alyosha’s mother awaits on the village road for his son’s comeback  from the battlefield.

Simply moved by the Alyosha innocense character and the emotional final scenes where his mother hugs his son for the farewell.This movie is all about the trust between a truely loved couples,  Romance and innocent love between Alyosha and Shura, A love between mother and son and finally how a war can impact human life.



1960 Cannes Film Festival – Special jury prize (Won)
BAFTA Award for Best Film from any Source, 1961


Academy Award for Writing Original Screenp

lay, 1961 – Grigori Chukhrai, Valentin Yezhov (Nominated)

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One response to “Ballad of a Soldier (Ballada o soldate)

  1. Rajesh kumar R

    June 12, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    And here comes the weekends world movie you can watch and enjoy. Ballad of a Soldier – An Russian Movie – is all about trust, Romance, True love and Affection.



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