Monsoon Wedding

22 Jul
Cover of "Monsoon Wedding"

Cover of Monsoon Wedding

Director : Mira Nair
Cast : Naseeruddin shah,Lillete Dubey,Vasundhara Das

Monsoon wedding is all about the happenings in a traditional punjabi family wedding, where relatives and friends gathered together from all corners of the world for the four-day long wedding process.The head of the family, Lalit Verma (Naseeruddin shah) plans to host his daughter Aditi verma’s (Vasundhara Das) wedding in a grand way.He dedicately involves himself for the final preparations for the marriage. Aditi was arranged a marraige with Pravin Dabas.But Aditi is nervous as she has an affair with her ex-boss Vikram. Aditi and Pravin latter open their previous relationship issues with each other.

Film also contains different subplots which deals with Romance,Love and emotional subject like sexual abuse.Ayesha a relative of the bride romances with bride’s cousin Rahul.The wedding contractor PK Dubey falls in love with the family’s maid Alice which will be interesting and funny too.Ria verma, a cousin of the bride meets her uncle whom sexually abused her in her early age.She soon finds that her uncle again abusing her another younger cousin and burst on him one day in front of all the family members.Whether its Naseeruddin shah, Lillette Dubey ,Shefali shah (Ria Verma) or Vijay Raaz as the Contractor, all the characters in this film have given their sincere effort in acting.Towards the end of the film, the Wedding Contractor’s final approach to Alice is heart-warming and the movie ends with a happy note.Director Mira Nair has added all the required essential essences in this movie.Its so colourful and engaging!

Golden Lion at Venice Film Festival

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One response to “Monsoon Wedding

  1. Rajesh kumar R

    June 12, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    Monsoon Wedding – a lavish and colourful party to enjoy!



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