Dersu Uzala

29 Jul
Dersu Uzala (1975 film)

Dersu Uzala (1975 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Director:Akira Kurosawa
Cast: Maxim Munzuk,Yury Solomin

Dersu Uzala is an Russian film directed by renowned Japanese director Akira Kurosawa.An heart touching movie which tells the story of an Russian hunter named Dersu Uzala who lived from 1850 to 1908 (played by Maxim Munzuk), who helped and guided Arsenyev (Yury Solomin), a captain of surveying group ,whom explores the area of Shkotovo in Ussuri region in 1902 in Dense Russian forest.

Except for few final shots, the entire movie is set in the forest.Its a kind of adventure.The Film opens with Arsenyev searching for a graveyard in a forest area where some development process where undergoing.Film then rolls back to a flashback of 1902 when Arsenyev led a group of men to survey the forest area.After a day long work ,one night the team takes some rest for the day.On his way Dersu Uzala, a hunter and a person whom knew the pulses of the forest meets Arsenyev and his team.Arsenyev offers him some food and request him to take rest with them.Next day when they are about to leave, Dersu Uzala agrees to guide Arsenyev and his team for their survey work.

Dersu Uzala calls Arsenyev as ‘Capiton’ all the time.Arsenyev admires Dersu Uzala’s view towards nature and life.Soon regardless of their age differences, love, faith and admiration  makes them close to each other.Dersu Uzala’s guide helps Arsenyev’s team in a huge way.Then comes a situation which makes their way seperate due to their nature of work.Arsenyev farewells Dersu Uzala half-heartedly.Arsenyev feels alone without Dersu Uzal.But later one day they reunite again which makes them feel exited.Those reuniting scenes been well directed.Dersu Uzala’s communication with wild animals and asking them not to disturb them were quite interesting.Towards the end of the film Dersu Uzala eyesight dims which worries him a lot.Arsenyev requests Dersu Uzala to come home with him.Even Dersu initially refuses his suggestion, but later accepts and moves to the town.At Arsenyev’s house Dersu mets Arsenyev’s son and wife and engages him with Arsenyev’s son.

As Dersu was not used with town life he was requested not to roam around the town.Eventhough Dersu understands the situation, he desperately needs to live in his forest. Dersu leaves Arsenyev’s house and moves towards the forest.Arsenyev presents him with new advanced rifle of his own.While entering the forrest some men kills Dersu for his rifle.Arsenyev later come to the spot and identifies Dersu as requested by forrest officials.With this final scenes, the director touches one’s heart whom indirectly conveys, how dangerous our lives are among with the corrupted people in this civilized world, than with dangerous wild animals in the forrest.Hats off to Akira Kurosawa!


1975 – Oscar for Best Foreign language film

Yury Solomin (right) as Vladimir Arsenyev in t...

Yury Solomin (right) as Vladimir Arsenyev in the Akira Kurosawa’s film Dersu Uzala (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dersu Uzala, a Nanai hunter and the guide of t...

Dersu Uzala, a Nanai hunter and the guide of the Russian explorer Vladimir Arsenyev, and the main character of an eponymous motion picture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dersu Uzala (book)

Dersu Uzala (book) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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    Dersu Uzala – is Adventures and a Masterpiece!



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