Fanny and Alexander

16 Sep
Cover of the Criterion Collection 5-Disc DVD r...

Cover of the Criterion Collection 5-Disc DVD release of Fanny and Alexander (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fanny and Alexander
Cast:Bertil Guve,Pernilla Allwin,Ewa Fröling,Allan Edwall,Gunn Wållgren
Director:Ingmar Bergman

Fanny and Alexander is a Swedish fantasy drama written and directed by Ingmar Bergman.Its a semi-autobiographical film of Ingmar Bergman.Ingmar Bergman has his own style of portraying the characters in his films.Most of his films deals with relationships ,human values, understanding of God and particularly deals with feminine characteristics.The colours he uses on the backdrop for his film has his unique style.This movie too tells a story about two young children’s Fanny (Pernilla Allwin) and Alexander (Bertil Guve) who brought up by a wealthy Swedish family (Ekdahl’s).The Ekdahl’s Family been headed by their Grandmother Helena Ekdahl (Gunn Wållgren).I have to mention that she has lived in her character.She is outstanding in this film.

Comming to the plot of the film,the family runs happily until Fanny and Alexander’s father Oscar Ekdahl’s (Allan Edwall ) death due to a stroke at a theater play,where he and his wife Emelie (Ewa Fröling) were theater artists.Soon after she marries a local bishop whom a widower himself when proposes her for the marriage.Emelie and her two children’s will be moved to Bishop’s ascetic home.Fanny and Alexander feels uncomfortable with the strict disciplines and rules in the house which later Emelie too feels the same.The Bishop will be especially rude over Alexander and sometimes punish and beat him heavily.Emelie informs about their situation to her mother-in-law Helena Ekdahl secretly.

With the help of Helena’s friend whom runs an antique shop,a magician too smuggles the children’s from bishop’s home.Ekdahl’s family attempt to Emelie from bishop fails.Then Emelie one day tries to escape from the bishop house by gives him more sleeping pills.But unfortunately bishop’s room caught fire and he dies.The film ends with a happy note as the family members reunite and arrange for a party.This film also has another plot where Alexander’s uncle has an affair with the Family’s nanny where she and her baby will be accepted by the Ekdahl’s family at the end.Finally the film ends as Alexander was pushed on the floor suddenly and he witnesses the bishop’s ghost which signals that he wont leave him completely free.This film was conceived as a Television series initially.Later been cutted to 3hrs movie.Fanny and Alexander to be cherished for a long.

Awards won:

1983 Academy awards for following,

Best Foreign language film

Best Cinematography

Best Art direction

Best Costumes

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  1. Rajesh kumar R

    June 12, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    Fanny and Alexander to be cherished for a long.



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