How Green Was My Valley

22 Sep
Cover of "How Green Was My Valley"

Cover of How Green Was My Valley

Director: John Ford
Cast:Walter Pidgeon, Maureen O’Hara, Anna Lee,Roddy McDowall

How Green Was My valley is an American film Directed by one of the greatest directors in the world , John Ford which tells the story about a Welsh Morgan’s family.The film was released in 1941, but one can admire how this movie has been crafted so nicely when the technology was so limited and film industry was just started exploring.But these days with advanced technologies its rare to see such kind of really beautiful movies especially for the movie lovers.Wish to see more such movies in future.

This movie is completely a family drama.The story is a narration by one of the youngest son in Morgan’s family named Huw Morgan (Roddy McDowall) who is now a middle-aged man recalls his own childhood memories.Morgans is a big family and  Huw has his five elder brothers and three sisters and out of which one is younger to him.Along with his father, all his brothers works in a mining factory in his town.Huw’s father is a well respectable person and his mother is a devoted housewife who takes care of her childrens.Huw’s eldest brother marries Bronwen whom he was much affectionate with.One of his elder sister romances local preacher but due to circumstances she marries another guy whom she later divorces.

The family struggles in middle due to a strike in the mining factory.Some of Huw’s brothers will leave from the family for their future.In Between Huw gets injury in his leg while saving his mother from drowning.The local preacher whom earlier loved his sister helps Huw for recovery.The film finally ends with the loss of Huw’s father in a mining blast.

Academy Awards for,
Best Picture, Best Director,Best Supporting Actor (Donald Crisp) and Best Cinematography (Black and white)

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  1. Rajesh kumar R

    June 12, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    How Green Was My Valley – its rare to see such kind of really beautiful movies.



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