Mouna Raagam

29 Dec
Mouna Raagam

Mouna Raagam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Director:Mani Ratnam

Mouna Raagam (Silent Melody) a tamil film directed by Mani Ratnam is a poetic drama about two young couples Divya(Revathi),Chandrakumar(Mohan). Divya is a naughty and mischievous college student from a traditional family.Her life goes enthusiastically until her family plans for a marriage proposal.She is asked by her family to come home early for the day as bridegroom’s family have planned for a visit.She dislikes the proposal and come late in the evening by spending time with her friends to avoid the meet up.But unfortunately  the proposed bridegroom Chandrakumar waits for her.She is supposed to get ready quickly.

Both meet each other privately to know about each other before going for the marriage.Divya openly speaks about her mischievous characters and inform chandrakumar that she wont fit for him.But again unfortunately Chandrakumar informs her that he likes her to be part of his life and leaves.Later Divya quarrel with her family that she don’t want to get married and leaves the home that midnight.After a while when she returns home she came to know that her father had a heart attack and she finally approves for the marriage.

After marriage both Divya and Chandrakumar moves to Delhi as Chandrakumar has job there.New place,unknown language,unknown persons makes her feel more home sick.As she unlikely married him dhivya doesnt show any interest on chandrakumar.She asks and wishes him for a divorce.One day chandrakumar gives her two gifts, one he wished to give and the other she had wished.She gets angry and revels him the truth behind her dislike.Then in the flashback there comes Manohar(Karthik) a revolutionary guy whom loved divya in her college days.Divya rejects him initially but later fell in love with him.Later Manohar gets killed in a police encounter the day they both agreed to get register marriage.After hearing her past chandrakumar still ready to accept her and forgets her past

.As divya is adamant in her decision both files for a divorce.As per law divorce can be given only after an year.So both continue to live in same house.Eventhough she dislikes chandrakumar initially later she slowly understands and likes him.But in contrary chandrakumar dislikes her when she likes him.At the end when divya is about to leave from Delhi one evening she informs chandrakumar that she loves him and tore the divorce papers in front of him at the railway station and aboard on train.chandrakumar finally understands her and wishes to get her back home.But the train leaves the station and chandrakumar runs besides the moving train and catches the train at last.Seeing this divya gets delighted and both stops the train and finally chandrakumar holds her in his hands and walks away from the track.

Mouna Raagam is an evergreen film and its close to my heart.Mani Ratnam who crafted this movie as a director proved at that time that he is an emerging finest promising director for tamil film industry.People started to hope on him who is about to give finest movies for the industry in upcoming years which in later he proved so.Revathi’s acting in this movie gave her one of the finest actor status around the film industry and from the audiences.Mohan gave his full justification for his role.Ilayaraja’s music is spellbounding.For tamilians when asked for most, this would be one of their favourite film for sure.

1986 National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Tamil

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  1. Rajesh kumar R

    June 12, 2012 at 5:35 pm

    Mouna Raagam is so beautiful!



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