25 May

Director : Jayaraj

Cast : I M Vijayan, K.A.P.C Lalitha, Seema Biswas

Shantham , is a very beautiful , graceful and an emotional film directed by critically acclaimed Malayalam director Jayaraj. Set in a remote village in Kerala this movie revolves around three main characters. Velayudhan (I M Vijayan – in real he is a leading indian team football player of modern times) son of Karthiyayini (Seema Biswas), is a close friend to Narayani’s (K.A.P.C Lalitha) son.Both the family’s sons were being treated as their own sons for the mothers.All goes happily until a political rivalry heats up in their village.

Velayudhan and his close friend starts quarreling with each other for their different of opinion.All of a sudden Velayudhan along with few of his fellow persons enters into Narayini’s home and kills his close friend in front of the family and escapes.The place where the family was having their food were seen with the blood everywhere and creates an unexpected shock for the family.Then the film follows with a beautiful song sung by Chitra “Attunottundayorunni Amma Kathu Kathundayorunni..” which narrates the two families closeness with flashback sequences.

Karthiyayini knowing her sons wrongdoing worries a lot about both the families.Meantime Velayudhan have a sense of deep regret and guilt for his act. Karthiyayini tries to say apology to Narayani.But  Narayani doesnt wish to meet her anymore.Velayudhan tries to hide himself as the situation arises when the opponent group tries to capture and kill him at any time.After several attempts Karthiyayini conveniences Narayani and asks her to save her son.The film ends with a positive note of forgiveness, tolerance and a gracefully act which saves  Velayudhan.

Jayaraj is one among the creative and finest directors of Malayalam films and a gift for indian cinema.All the characters been beautifully framed espically the Narayani ‘s and Velayudhan roles were spell bounding. Velayudhan’s guilty characterization been screenplayed to its finest quality.Jeyaraj’s direction , P.Suresh kumar and Madampu Kunjukuttan’s screenplay and the entire Casts performance made this movie to the heights of film making.Ravi Varma’s cinematography is highly commendable. A must watch movie for its peace-loving ending.


2000 – National film award for Best Picture

2000 – National film award for Best supporting actress K.A.P.C Lalitha

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  1. Rajesh kumar R

    June 12, 2012 at 5:30 pm

    Shantham – a very beautiful , graceful and an emotional film directed by critically acclaimed Malayalam director Jayaraj.



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