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Recent Tamil Films Trendsetting move on Indian cinema

Being a film critic, as been tagged by my well wishers after started writing world movie reviews, i am happy to share this topic as i felt its the right time too. Even though watching movies of various languages which tempts me to learn more about  the people, places, culture, customs and the technical aspects etc.,Tamil films are close to my heart. Obviously i have grown up seeing those and i admire it since the  golden old ones.

Some more interesting facts before moving towards the topic like, so far eight Tamil films have been selected and officially submitted to the Oscars representing India which tops next to Hindi films. Those are (1969)Deiva Magan,(1987) Nayagan,(1990) Anjali,(1992) Thevar Magan,(1995) Kuruthipunal,(1996) Indian(1998)Jeans,(2000) Hey Ram.There are three Indian movies selected by the Time Magazine’s top 100 movies list. Tamil flick Nayagan is one among them.The Other two were Satyajit Ray’s(Appu triology-Pather Panchali,Aparajito,and Apur Sansar)(Bengali) and Pyaasa(Hindi).Also Roja been named one among top 10 Best Soundtracks in the world  by the Time Magazine.

In the Indian Cinema  the once dominated Malayalam and Bengali films among other regional languages for its finest quality,critically acclaimed along with some box office hits.Especially the Malayalees and Bengalees welcomed those script base quality movies as huge audience and its their tastes too.They have dominated the Indian Cinemas next to the huge  audience of Hindi Cinema Industry for decades.Now i feel and witness its the turn for the Tamil films trendsetting move which proves its growth  and shines towards a healthy path consistently like never before .

So i  thought of taking  tamil films of past decade for the analysis here. Before going to that, I still remember when i was studying in school people talked more about the climax of the 1997 release of Fazil’s Kadhalukku Mariyadhai. The movie became a  huge hit.Later following it some mainly climax based films were made and few of them were success too.In the same year Mani Ratnam’s Iruvar hitted the screen. Though it was not a commercial success, it got critically acclaimed  for its technical aspects and for the powerful script and its casts.Then in 1999 a huge surprise came to the tamil audience through movie Sethu.The film was both commercial hit and critically acclaimed. Reports are that Vikram missed out his National Film  Award for Best Actor by a single vote to Mohanlal for the Malayalam movie Vanaprastham. Though he lost, it made a good start for Vikram for his future career and later he won the national award for Pithamagan in 2004. Tamil  audience hoped for a successor to Kamal Hasan then.The same year Santosh Sivan’s The Terrorist is a huge critically acclaimed one to be mentioned here.

Following are the tamil films which made critical acclaim and won  accolades by the audience since the year 2000. Some of them became a trend setters for the industry. For (2000) Hey Ram, Alaipayuthey, Kandukondain  Kandukondain, Bharathi, Rhythm, (2001) kutty, Aanandham (2002) Azhagi, Kannathil Muthamittal, Nanba Nanba (2003) Anbe Sivam, Iyarkai, Pithamagan (2004) Autograph,7 G Rainbow Colony, Kaadhal (2005)Ram (2006) Veyyil (2007)  Paruthiveeran, Chennai 600028, Mozhi, Kalloori, Sringaram (2008) Abhiyum Naanum, Subramaniyapuram, Kanchivaram (2009) Naan Kadavul, Pasanga, Renigunta, Naadodigal (2010) Enthiran, Mynaa,  Angaadi  Theru, Thenmerku Paruvakaatru (2011) Aadukalam, Yuddham Sei,  Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai, Vaagai Sooda Vaa,  Aaranya Kaandam. (2012) Vazhakku Enn 18/9….

So Its sure that the Tamil films are gaining popularity not only because of its actors,directors and other technicians great efforts they have made or by getting more number of awards both nationally and internationally, but mainly because  of the audience taste has been changed or got changed when they started welcoming Bharathi, Azhagi, Autograph , Paruthiveeran etc.Bharathi was slowely picked up by the audience whereas Azhagi, Autograph became instance hits.

Sure they were trend setters for their scripts.The main good thing now is there were more number of young and creative directors like Gnana Rajasekaran, Pandiraj, Balaji sakthivel ,Ameer, Bala, Vasanthabalan, Cheran, Vetrimaaran, Mysskin, Thankar Bachchan, Sarkunam leading the Tamil cinema on the right track,which were once done by Balachandar,Maniratnam,Bharatiraja ,Balumahendra etc.,Proud moments for the tamil industry as more Actors,directors and other technicians are getting accolades in recent years in more numbers. Wishing all the success for the tamil film industry for the near future which sure attracts the world audience towards it.


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Crying voices of Somalia

Somalia, for the past couple of years might disturbed many around the world, whom care about human lives in general.Seeing some of the video reports about the nations drought situation and several people including children’s in more number dies due to malnutrition which happening currently affects a lot.Malnutrition causes Somali people skin ages like old and the children’s were born under weight.I am sure by penning this article is not going to change anything,but at least can make aware of whats happening there right now.Will there be a nation without central control over its most part of regions? Will there be a nation whose parliment sitting outside the nation and acts from neighbouring country to avoid violence in-house? And the answer is ‘Yes.Its Somalia’. Somalia considered as one of the ‘failed states’ of the world. It’s the poorest and the most violent country in the world .Lets know about this nation in a brief before knowing about the issues the nation facing.

It’s a nation which located on Horn of Africa on its east cost.Somalia has its neighbors as Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti.On referring to its history,Somalia has been earlier ruled by Arabs and Portuguese and later been captured by the British and Italy. Somalia got its independence on 1st of July 1960 as a result of when its former British and Italian rule gets merged together.Mogadishu became its capital.Somalia consists of ethnic groups called as Bandu whom where mainly agricultural workers,several thousand Arabs and consists of some Indians and Pakistanis in hundreds.There are two regional administrations exist in northern Somalia,in which one is the self-declared “Republic of Somaliland” in the northwest and the semi-autonomous state of Puntland in the northeast whom run their own affairs.But both were not recognized by foreign governments.

Siad Barre the third president of Somalia whom came to power in 1969 extended his rule till the 1991 collapse of Somalia.Somalia’s official language is Somalia which has been declared on october 1973.Other languages like English,Arabic,Italian were also in usage.Pan-Somalism (Greater Somalia)which refers to the vision of unifying Somalia, Djibouti, the Ogaden of Ethiopia and the North Eastern Province of Kenya is an issue which has been a major cause of past crises between Somalia and its neighbors Ethiopia, Kenya, and Djibouti.Siad Barre ordered bombing of Hargeisa in northwestern Somalia in 1988 due to their discontent with his regime caused further hardship.Much of the national budget was devoted to military expenditure, leaving few resources for healthcare, among other services.Soon after this, Barre and his companions looted the national treasury.So by the end of 1980’s, the armed northern opposition to Barre moved into central and south of Somalia.As a result several thousand people left their homes and fled to Ethiopia,Kenya and Djibouti as refugees in search of foods.On December 1990,Baree declared a state of emergency.On January 1991 Barre was forced out of power by opposition armed powers whom consists of combined northern and southern clan-based forces.Ethopia helped and backed these clan forces.Following the 1991 collapse,Somali civil war brokout.The worst situation of Somalia then started wrosening.Like BC and AD,Somalia’s recent history can be focused as before and after Somali civil war of 1991.
In 1992 US Marines landed near Mogadishu ahead of United Nation peace keeping force which sent to restore order and safeguard relief supplies.From then US and UN helped Somalia.But in 1995 UN peacekeeping forces left Somalia as it failed its mission.Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya, all of which have supported various Somali groups and the transitional governments.In 2001 August,UN appeals the world for food aid needed for half a million people in the drought-hit south somalia.Finally in August 2004 establishment of a Transitional Federal Government(TFG) had been made which has been recognized international.In July 2006, Ethiopian forces invaded Somalia and defeated the Islamic Courts Union (ICU).

Aerial view of Refugee Camp in Kenya

U.S. has designated foreign terrorist organization al-Shabaab, formerly the military wing nominally under the ICU, became independent of the Courts and launched a multi-faction insurgency after the Courts scattered as a result of the 2006 invasion.Islamist insurgents Al-Shabaab and other extremist forces garnered power in subsequent years through their effective fighting of the Ethiopians, and started harsh implementation of Shari’a law. The UN reports, about 35,000 Somalis whom wanted to escape from the drought, from strict Islamist rules and from the possibility of war have fled to Kenya refugee since the start of 2006.In 2007 US had carried out air strikes in southern Somalia which it says targeted al-Qaeda figures, and which reportedly kill an unknown number of civilians. It is the first known direct US military intervention in Somalia since 1993. The strikes are defended by the then President Yusuf. They are condemned for killing innocent civilians.UN special envoy Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah describes Somalia’s humanitarian crisis the worst in Africa, suggests using international justice to curb the violence.In January 2009, Ethiopian forces completely withdrew from Somalia.Al-Shabaab had allegiance to al-Qaeda.
Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed on January 2009 elected as president and UN backed the government.But the Sharif Sheikh’s controls no more than a few blocks of the capital, Mogadishu, with the help of African Union troops.In 2010 February Al-Shabab formally declares alliance with al-Qaeda, begins to concentrate troops in southern Mogadishu for a major offensive to capture the capital.

Its been hard to digest that Somali people walks week long for medical aid.Some hundreds out of thousand children’s die due to malnutrition.Journalists describes Somalia as “Africa’s deadliest country” when they crossed their border limits .Currently there is no supreme court functioning and any legal system and there is no election process.There is no political party which exists.Due to lack of governance Somali pirates grew rapidly and stretched their operations far away as the Gulf of Oman and the western Indian Ocean.Absence of security and lack of maintenance and improvement are major issues at most Somali ports.There were no railways in Somalia. Internal transportation is limited to trucks and busses. Also there were little maintenance for years and have seriously deteriorated.

Somalia’s Economy depends on livestock like camel,goat, sheep.Somalia Lacks natural resources, and Drought worsening the situation.Somalia’s energy consists of unexploited reserves of iron ore, tin, gypsum, bauxite, uranium, copper, salt, likely petroleum and natural gas reserves.Only Mogadishu and Hargeisa who were major cities of Somalia has TV stations.Cellular phone service readily available but not the landlines.

Somalia desperately needs national reconciliation, and to obtain international economic assistance.Years of fighting between rival warlords and an inability to deal with famine and disease have led to the deaths of up to one million people.There are lack of funding and human resources to tackle issues in Somalia.The international community has failed to support the government.The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that around 1300 to 1500 people from Somalia crossing their borders.People flee to Kenya’s Dadaab, the world’s largest refugee camp.

One good information i came to know about Somalia is, it has one of the lowest HIV infection rates on the African continent. This is due to the Muslim nature of Somali society and the dedication of Somalis in following Islamic morals.The world has to wake up and listen to the crying voices of Somalia and immediate relief has to be done.World has to stop the Rising Violence in Somalia,without which any NGO’s , the UN can’t make their relief operations completely and there is no safety for its staffs too.Most of us concerns about ourself,and the same each country does.We have to broaden our views and concern for others too.There is a desperate need of Che Guevara’s for the people of Somalia, especially for the children’s.



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Television – A friend, partner or an enemy?

English: A child watching TV.

I still remember in the mid of 80’s , when I was a kid, I was much thrilled to watch new TV set’s been placed in my neighboring houses. Oliyum oliyum, Ramayanam, Heman, mahabaratham were one of the major weekend programs I watched as one among the crowd, gathered in my friends house. It was an amazing experience for just two days in a week and just for an hour; we all together clapped, laughed and commented about the episodes. It’s true that we eagerly long waited, watched and enjoyed.

But these days I feel the same TV set became a nightmare for some of us, I felt it sucks our time and wastes our energy. It introduced itself as a friend to us, then came closer as a partner and to some even as an enemy . Now I wish…….. Not to divorce, but to shake hand with it as who is neither a friend nor an acquaintance.

It might be a companion for the old aged people. What to do? We can’t blame them too. There are no choice for them, none to talk with them in this fast moving world.Atleast we can try and spend time with them instead of blaming. But as for the working class people like us, we are able to be with the family only for a few hours as rest goes in sleep. Even with the limited hours in hand, we offer most of it before the set. This is the point where we need to think.

As parents, we are the role models for our children. Unknowingly we ourselves spoil them. Nothing to blame them after they got addicted. Whom to blame as when  we ourselves were addicted to it .What I feel the worst part in this is, I cant digest some criminal minded characters shown on TV serials. Their master plans, speech and activity corrupt the minds of all the generations from kids to the old age.

I won’t say that watching TV is totally a waste of time. We know that TV already deserves its own good part. But it’s also true that it sucks our time. I wish, we need to sense the taste of our food, wants to play with our kids and spends time with the family.

Be choosey on what you watch, and think while doing so whether it’s right to see the program rather than its worth on watching . our taste in unworthy  episodes can spoil the children directly without our consciousness. It is up to us now, to think about it, and make the choice. For someone, life might already  been ruined by some other factors.Are we going to allow a tiny machine as one among those factors and to conquer us anymore? Think about it.

Article By,

Rajesh kumar R


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Communication skills and fluency


      There are students who get perturbed  in college when they are asked to take a  seminar, and there are candidates who fail to get college admission  or  get placed in a  company when they face group discussion,  the only reason is lack of communication skills, even though they are technically sound.I wish to deal with this subject in four different stages

1. vocabulary building

2. fluency

3. cultivating style

4. active listening.

There are  some situations,where we search for some proper words to complete a sentence with correct grammar , or even sometimes at the initial stage some of us try to form sentences in mind in advance, before we communicate or  reply to a certain question.If we practice building vocabulary ,then there will be no need to face such a situation ,we can make communicate in English easily and spontaneously as we do with our mother toungueVocabulary can be easily build  by regularly reading newspapers, magazines and books. Then there are lots of informative magazines and books through which we can attain both knowledge and vocabulary .If we practice reading regularly, then we won’t search for words.

After building vocabulary we should look to improve the  fluency in that language.I have found this  method which I named as “inner conversation”, which will help us to perform well in group discussions, seminars and for your normal communication process. What we are required to do is, to post any topic to yourself and try build a conversation around it .This  can be practiced whenever we have free time.When u start doing this u may get stuck for want of words  or have some grammatical mistakes, but here, no one to comment on you.This method when practiced regularly will give you fluency in the language.

The third important thing is to implement the style in the language,for this we can make use of news channels like NDTV 24*7,Headlines today,CNN,BBC which will help you a lot to get neutral accent.

Active listening  also plays an important role in communication.To improve your listening skills and to understand the proper accent u have to watch lots of English movies which are conversational based rather than much action.There are lots of classic and quality movies which are much conversational based.We can also learn style and proper accent from it.

The above techniques can be applied to any language u want to make with better communication and to get fluency.If anyone learning new languages like French,German,Japanese then try for it.

Article Edited by,   R.Mugunthan


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Reading books makes us informative

Spending money for books is not an expense, rather its an investment”. I want to start with this slang which sticked in a book.Usually we read novels (which unknowingly improves our vocabulary) or some self developmental books. But reading should not end with it.Some of us restricts with our academic subject books. There is nothing to blame them, but I request them to show their interests in various subjects which will be more interesting while they start.

I would like to ask one question to the youth. How many of us know about SPACE SCIENCE and its latest development? We were using so many inventions in our day to day life without knowing who invented it, and how hard they worked to produce it for our convenience. I suggest that the biographies of inventors and scientists and about People, culture and places will be much more interesting while selecting books to read and there are lots to learn from them. There are several cultures which we are not aware of, but will be surprised when we begin to read it. There are lots to learn in this world.

We don’t have Swami Vivekananda or Buddha or Socrates at present, to sit besides them, to know about their philosophy or to ask them some queries. But we have them in the form of books, to chat with them, to know what they told to mankind to live life peacefully.

As youngsters we have to make a habit of reading books regardless of any particular field (like politics, sports etc), which can help us guide our children when we become parent, because children will learn most of the habits from their parents. We don’t need to ask our child to forcibly read books and to be informative; rather we can start with a mini book shelf at home with some collection of good books. If we make it, surely one day the child, who see it will pick the book from the shelf, start to know and learn something on his/her own interest.

Article Edited by, Mayra olivera, R.Mugunthan

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