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The Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs (film)

The Silence of the Lambs (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Director: Jonathan Demme

Casts: Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins, Scott Glenn,Ted Levine

The Silence of the Lambs is an American thriller film directed by Jonathan Demme.The film opens with Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) doing her training session at the FBI. Jack Crawford (Glenn)  of the Bureau’s Behavioral Science Unit ask her to investigate the case of a serial killer nick named  “Buffalo Bill” (Ted Levine). She was advised to read profile documents about Dr.Hannibal Lecter (Hopkins)and to met him before proceeding the investigation. Lecter is a former  psychiatrist and a serial killer by himself who has been jailed in a private cell at Baltimore State Hospital.

Meanwhile The U.S. senator’s daughter, Catherine Martin been kidnapped by Buffalo Bill.Now the Lecter’s help in providing information about Buffalo Bill is so important to crack the case.Lecter wishes with Starling  to transfer him from the current cell to a beach side area in order to provide some information about the killer.Starling  was asked by Lecter to reveal some of her personal secrets to gain more information from him.Later Lecter  helps Starling  providing her some personal details of Buffalo Bill and escapes from the new cell by killing the bodyguards.

Clarice Starling

Clarice Starling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When Crawford  assigns a team of agents try to figure out  Buffalo Bill, Starling  takes her risk to figure Buffalo Bill on her own.After deep investigation when she figures out that Jack Gordon is the real Buffalo Bill she nears his home and tries to contact him. she kills the Buffalo Bill on the edge of the mission operation and saves the  U.S. senator’s daughter Catherine.One the climax Lecter calls up Starling from a remote crowded area settled on a beach side and walks free.

The scenes through the film where Starling meeting with Lecter is so gripping.The powerful conversations and their acting were simply brilliant.I personally liked the films Art or Set Direction whether its Baltimore State Hospital private cell or its the  Buffalo Bill’s house which shown in the climax has been perfectly fitted for the screenplay.This film won the Oscars  for  the Best Picture, Direction, Actor, Actress and Adapted screenplay which is very rare to get. The Silence of the Lambs is a gripping thriller movie with brilliant acts and script.

Academy Awards – 1991
Best Picture,
Best Director,
Best Actor (Anthony Hopkins),
Best Actress (Jodie Foster),
Best Adapted Screenplay

Chilton taunts Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs.

Chilton taunts Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hannibal Lecter

Hannibal Lecter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Fiddler on the Roof

Cover of "Fiddler on the Roof (2-Disc Col...

Cover via Amazon

Director: Norman Jewison
Casts:    Chaim Topol,Norma Crane,Leonard Frey,Paul Michael Glaser,Molly Picon,Paul Mann
Fiddler on the Roof Directed by Norman Jewison is an Hollywood film released in 1971 and set during the Tsarist Russia in 1905.This film is all about Tevye and his family. Tevye (Chaim Topol) is a Jewish man lives in the town Anatevka along with his wife Golde (Norma Crane)and five daughters.He has high beliefs in his Jewish tradition and in family values.Parts of the movie will be in musical form or Tevye speaking with the audience or with the Heaven(God).

Tevye is a hardworking head of the family lives in Anatevka.The town is separated with two communities, one with larger orthodox christians and the other with smaller Orthodox Jewish set.Golde relays on the towns matchmaker Yente (Molly Picon) to find a perfect match for her elder daughter Tzeitel (Rosalind Harris).Tevye on the other side promises to a wealthy butcher to marry his daughter.But Tzeitel above all wishes to marry her childhood boyfriend Motel Kamzoil (Leonard Frey).Motel is a tailor in the town.Tzeitel along with Motel requests Tevye to approve for their marriage.Tevye after deep conversation accepts their love.

Fiddler on the Roof (film)

Fiddler on the Roof (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meanwhile one day Tevye meets Perchik (Paul Michael Glaser), a radical Marxist from Kiev.Tevye invites Perchik to stay with him and to teach his daughters.Slowly Tevye’s second daughter Hodel fell in love with Perchik.Tevye initially disagrees but later accepts as they love each other .Later Perchik leaves the town and work for the revolution which then Hodel joins with him.

An another major blow came to Tevye through his third daughter Chava (Neva Small) as she fell in love with a young Russian of orthodox church.She marries him without the families approval.Finally the Jews of Anatevka informed to leave the place and Tevye’s family makes a hard decision to leave the town. Though Tevye disagrees with Chava at the end he gives his sign of approval to his daughter.

Tevye characterization is highly commendable and his performance in the film is good.The other remarkable aspects in this films were its musical score and cinematography.As the movie is in the musical form I especially liked the songs “If I Were a Rich Man“, “Sunrise, Sunset” which is a wedding song followed by “Wedding Celebration/The Bottle Dance” – Orchestra and the choreography is simply amazing.A new arrival of tailoring machine to the Motel’s family is quite interesting.The films Cinematography makes us feel its atmosphere and its so bright. Fiddler on the Roof is full of tradition filled with music.

Academy Awards:
Best Song Score Adaptation, Best Cinematography, Best Sound

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A Separation

Nader and Simin, A Separation

Nader and Simin, A Separation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Director: Asghar Farhadi
Cast:  Leila Hatami, Peyman Moaadi,Shahab Hosseini,Sareh Bayat,Sarina Farhadi
Language:  Iranian

A Separation is an Iranian film directed by Asghar Farhadi released in 2011. I can say its a rarest kind of film in recent years.A very true, honest and one of the powerful films i have seen so far. I was amazed by the Iranian kind of film making .Its beyond words to describe the beauty and the quality of film making which reached to even better its higher level after watching this film.Sure A Separation creates an impact for its viewers.

Nader (Peyman Moaadi ) and Simin (Leila Hatami) were married and lives together for 14 years.They have a school going daughter of 11 years old named Termeh (Sarina Farhadi ). Simin  wish to leave the country and settle abroad.But Nader needs to take care of  his Alzheimer’s deceased father and wish to stay back. Due to some misunderstanding and life style issues they file for the divorce.The court rejects Simin’s request for the divorce due to insufficient reasons.

Simin takes her belongings and leaves for her parents house.Termeh wish to stay with her father and she also urges her mother to stay along with the family.Simin aranges a woman maid servant named Razieh (Sareh Bayat) for the family and leaves the house. Razieh brings her young daughter along with her when she came for the house work.She finds the job bit difficult as she also needs to take care of Alzheimer deceased old man in the house as she is pregnant.When one day Nader and Termeh returns home they were shocked to see Termeh’s father lying on the floor with hands tied up to the bed.

Razieh returns home and after a heavy quarrel, Nader pushes Razieh out of the house and she fell down on the apartment stairs.She gets miscarriage and her husband Hodjat (Shahab Hosseini) gets angry over  Nader and files a police complaint.Simin arranges for a money deal for Hodjat and Razieh. As Hodjat is in need of money for his debts accepts the offer after deep considration.On the day when Nader and family goes to Razieh’s home for giving the amount, Nader  demands that Razieh need to promise on Quran that he is the sole reason for the miscarriage happened for her.As Razieh was not much sure as earlier a car has hitted her day before her miscarriage she refuses to accept the amount as she highly believes in religious beliefs.

Hodjat leaves the home angrily after throwing things away.Nader and family leaves the place withholding the money and Later all three Simin ,Nader and Termeh goes to a court and files their divorce again before the magistrate.All three wears their cloths in black which signifies the death of Nader’s father according to Iranian tradition.Both Nader and Simin were given divorce this time and the magistrate asks Termeh for her opinion to whom she wish to live.Termeh wants her parents to stay outside when she tell magistrate about her decission.The film ends as Nader and Simin waits outside for Termeh and the films credits started comming up.The film ends as the decission of Termeh is unrivaled for its viewers.

Brilliant performances by the entire cast i mean literally by each and everyone, and the movies powerful script and screenplay and Asghar Farhadi direction made this film a remarkable one on the world cinema. I world rather say that the Academy Awards has decorated itself by presenting Best Foreign language film award for this one.The recognition for Iranian movies has been a long-awaited one since it has been missed by Majid Majidi’s Children of Heaven. Iranian film industry deserves it.Also i was amazed when i saw the list of accolades the film has won all over the world, not by its numbers but for the true recognition for this Iranian film throught the world.A Separation is power packed and a must watch.

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Yojimbo (Photo credit: p373)

Director:Akira Kurosawa
Cast:Toshirō Mifune,Tatsuya Nakadai,Yôko Tsukasa,Isuzu Yamada
Language: Japanese

Yojimbo directed by Akira Kurosawa , released in 1961 is a film about a masterless samurai enters a rural village of japan where the place has been already torn apart by two gangsters.One of the gang is headed by a silk merchant and the other by a sake merchant.Sanjuro (Toshirō Mifune) a samurai when enters the village been warned and informed about the gangs.Sanjuro refuses to leave the place as he needed food and shelter for his survival.

When the gang members of one group tries to attack Sanjuro,the village witnesses a shock defeat of the attackers.Sanjuro was given food and shelter by a local hotel owner.After witnessing Sanjuro’s brave attempt,both the gang leaders convinence Sanjuro to bodyguard (Jojimbo) them.Sanjuro initially accepts one of the gang leaders offer but later withdrew his support.In meantime Sanjuro saves and reunites a family which is disliked by Unosuke(Tatsuya Nakadai) one of gang leaders son.Unosuke tries to defeat Sanjuro through his pistol while Sanjuro doesn’t have any such modern weapons at that period.Sanjuro strongly believes in himself, any modern weapons doesnt much bother for him before his sword.He looks so brave and confident.

Sanjuro hides himself in a nearby temple when he was deeply wounded.The local hotel owner who becomes a guardian and faithful person for Sanjuro secretly offers food for him.Sanjuro enters into the village again to defeat Unosuke when he came to know that the hotel owner been captivated by the gang.Finally Sanjuro defeats Unosuke and saves the hotel owner whom he feels as the only trusted person in the village.Sanjuro then leaves the village and in search of other place for his survival.

Yojimbo is a bold and brave attempt by Akira Kurosawa which proves the director’s versatility in film making.The film later influenced some western films like Fistful of Dollars.Yojimbo also noted for its cinematography which been influenced through western.The set decoration makes the village a lively feel.Its quite interesting to know about the life of a unique Samurai in olden japanese period through films like Yojimbo.Its a different experience watching this great movie.Toshirō Mifune one of the regular cast for most of Akira Kurosawa’s films is well suited for the character and given his justification for the film.Yojimbo, one can enjoy the Samurai’s bold and brave moves along with some sense of humor which aptly fits along with the script.Akira Kurosawa is simply a legend

Western-influenced cinematography; Toshirō Mif...

Western-influenced cinematography; Toshirō Mifune as a lone hero in wide framing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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It’s a Wonderful Life

Iconic screen shot from the movie It's a Wonde...

Iconic screen shot from the movie It’s a Wonderful Life. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Director: Frank Capra
Cast: James Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore, Henry Travers
Language : English

It’s a Wonderful Life, directed by Frank Capra, after watching it one can realise how precisely the title has been given for this movie. It shows how a persons positive attitude towards life can change him forever leading healthy and happier life.

The film opens on a Christmas Eve. Friends and family members prayers George Bailey’s(James Stewart) well-being reaches heaven.An second class angel Clarence Odbody (Henry Travers) been appointed to save George and to earn his wings. George’s life been explained to Clarence  by two other head angels.George as he was younger saves his brother Harry from drowning when his brother was just nine years old.George also saves a druggist where he works in a pharmacy by finding that druggist accidental preparation of a medicine using poison for a childs medical prescription.

Now George became a grownup man  whom wish to travel around the world and willing to graduate.On his brother Harry’s (Todd Karns) high school graduation day party celebration he met with Mary Hatch (Donna Reed) and fell in love with her.Mary too admires and loves George from her childhood.George lives happily with his family with his father,mother,younger brother and house maid nanny.George took up his father’s land and loan business after his death.George wishes Harry to get graduated and he sends him out for the same.

Poster for IAWL

Poster for IAWL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mr. Henry F. Potter (Lionel Barrymore) being a wealthy landlord in the town, wants George to be out of the town.He dosent like Georges growing popularity in the business.Later Harry returns family with his wife and party celebrations been arranged at home.Georges mother asks George to get marry and hints him about Mary.George and Mary get married and while they drives out they see more share holders crowded in front of his office asking for their money to return back.George explains them not to worry and returns them their crucially needed amount , from the amount they planned for their honeymoon.Due to this George saves his bussiness from a collapse.George raises his four children’s and all goes fine until his uncle Billy loses eight thousand dollars in a bank while he plans to go for the deposit of companies amount.

Potter hides the money missed by Billy and plans for police to get arrest George for the loss of company money.George and Billy searches all the corners of the town for the lost money.Being highly disappointed and frustrated George shows his anger towards his children and wife when he reaches home.He drunks, drives the car speedily and hits on a tree.While George tries to attempt for suicide , Clarence  the appointed angel for George jumps before George from a bridge.Suddenly George jumps in and saves Clarence.Clarence then explains George that he alone saved George by jumping first.

Disagreed with Clarence words and his angel status George wishes he had never been born.
Clarence consoles George and makes his wish true for a while as if George was not born.Clarence shows George the same town and people how it will be without him.George’s  brother died at the age of nine, the druggist jailed for twenty years for poisoning a baby,his children’s were never born and his wife an unmarried woman and goes on.George now realises the importance of life and the reason why he was born.

George pledges Clarence to return back to his own life and which happens so.George greets all on the streets with merry christmas including Potter.Befor the bank examiner along with the police whom waited for George’s return to get arrested been saved by all his friends and share holders whom gives George with the amount needed from their own pocket.One of Georges best friend telegrams him as he sends twenty fife thousand dollars for him.The bank examiner and the police leaves the spot and the film ends happily with inscription “Dear George: Remember no man is a failure who has friends. Thanks for the wings! Love, Clarence.” Clarence gains his wings.

Released in 1946 ,This movie after watching gives the audience with positive energy and attitude towards life.Films with entertainment ,joy and happiness along with some nice attitude based story lines makes the audience feel more interested while watching a movie. It’s amazing that these kind of films been made in the 40’s. It’s a wonderful Life for sure makes you feel so.

Academy Awards:

Best Picture for Frank Capra
Best Director for Frank Capra
Best Actor for James Stewart
Best Editing for William Hornbeck
Best Sound Recording for John Aalberg

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Bicycle Thieves

Bicycle Thieves

Bicycle Thieves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Director : Vittorio De Sica
Cast : Lamberto Maggiorani, Enzo Staiola, Lianella Carell
Language : Italian

Ladri di biciclette, Italian title for The Bicycle Thieves is written and directed by Vittorio De Sica is an Italian Neorealist film. I have to certainly mention that this director is an expert in this Neorealist kind of film making.Set in the post World War II economic crisis situation in Italy, tells the story about the family of an unemployed man Antonio Ricci (Lamberto Maggiorani ) and strugle to  get and hold on a job while the family faces financial assistance.

Antonio Ricci  lives with his wife Maria Ricci (Lianella Carell) along with his two children’s. Bruno Ricci (Enzo Staiola) is his seven years old eldest son.When the post World War II economic crisis deepens it hits most of the families and Antonio Ricci’s is one among them.Antonio Ricci is an unemployed due to the crisis and searches for a job.Luckily Antonio gets one job offer as wall poster which desperately needed a bicycle.Antonio accepts the offer but unfortunately the bicycle he owns has been pawned, and to get it back needs some more money.Antonio’s wife Maria then pawns their beadsheets in order to get the required money.

Antonio happily goes to his job with his bicycle for the first day.One young robber steals Antonio’s bicycle while he is busy with his work on the street where the bicycle been kept nearby a wall . Antonio tries to catch the thief but couldn’t make it on the busy streets of Rome.Antonio complains to police but it’s of no use.He then along with his friend and his son Bruno goes to Rome’s largest square Piazza Vittorio,in search where there are lots of bicycle parts selling and bicycle making shops been present.

One day Antonio identifies the thief and tries to follow him till his home,but the thief been protected by the thief’s neighbores.Police too couldnt able to make any action as the case is weak and has no evidence.When there is a strict rule been there like “No Bicycle No Job” Antonio and his son loses hope and walks towards a crowded street where a match goes on nearby football stadium.Both father and son see a lot of bicycle been flying on the streets and several been parked.Without knowing what to do next Antonio came to see a bicycle been parked alone on a nearby street where the street been empty.

Antonio asks his son to catch a bus and wait for him on a different place. Antonio tries and steals the bicycle which has parked alone on the entrance wall of an apartment and tries to escape from the spot.The owner of the bicycle reaches out immediately and shouts to catch Antonio. Antonio been caught by the public and gets beaten by them as Bruno too witness the situation.When the public asks the owner what to do for Antonio , he tells them to handover him to police.Bruno comes near to his father Antonio on the spot, by seeing Bruno’s worried state the owner asks the public to let Antonio leave as he suffered for his act already.Antonio then realizes and feels for his guilt and walks along with his son on the crowded streets.Bruno holds his father’s hand to comfort him and the film ends.

I was deeply moved by the film till before the end.As i love and wish to watch always a happy ending one or a positive kind of stuff at the end or on the whole.Its rare to watch those along with the quality.But for some great movies and for some legendary directors whom tries to explore real life characters and to create impact on what they wish to present the audience to think about certain realities, we can’t expect our own tastes to get fulfilled all the times.Bruno performance as young son is so matured.The screenpay and the direction by Vittorio De Sica is a master piece one to say.Its beyond the words of praising and wondering such kind of movies as it was released on 1948.I still wonder the quality and beauty of film making.

Awards and Honours:

* Locarno International Film Festival, Switzerland: Special Prize of the Jury, Vittorio De Sica; 1949.
*  National Board of Review: NBR Award, Best Director, Vittorio De Sica; Best Film (Any Language), Italy; 1949.
* New York Film Critics Circle Awards: NYFCC Award, Best Foreign Language Film, Italy; 1949.
* Academy Awards: Honorary Award, Italy. Voted by the Academy Board of Governors as the most outstanding foreign language film released in the United States during 1949; 1950.
* Academy Awards: Nominated, Oscar, Best Writing, Screenplay, Cesare Zavattini; 1950.
* Bucharest Film Festival: Golden Wolf for Best Film; 1950.
* British Academy of Film and Television Arts: BAFTA Film Award, Best Film from any Source; 1950.
* Bodil Awards, Copenhagen, Denmark: Bodil, Best European Film (Bedste europæiske film), Vittorio De Sica; 1950.
* Golden Globes: Golden Globe, Best Foreign Film, Italy; 1950.
* Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain: CEC Award, Best Foreign Film (Mejor Película Extranjera), Italy; 1951.
*  Kinema Junpo Awards, Tokyo, Japan: Kinema Junpo Award, Best Foreign Language Film, Vittorio De Sica; 1951.
* Best Cinematography (Migliore Fotografia), Carlo Montuori.
* Best Director (Migliore Regia), Vittorio De Sica.
* Best Film (Miglior Film a Soggetto).
* Best Score (Miglior Commento Musicale), Alessandro Cicognini.
* Best Screenplay (Migliore Sceneggiatura), Cesare Zavattini, Vittorio De Sica, Suso Cecchi d’Amico, Oreste Biancoli, Adolfo Franci, and Gerardo Guerrieri.
*  Best Story (Miglior Soggetto), Cesare Zavattini.

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Director : Jayaraj

Cast : I M Vijayan, K.A.P.C Lalitha, Seema Biswas

Shantham , is a very beautiful , graceful and an emotional film directed by critically acclaimed Malayalam director Jayaraj. Set in a remote village in Kerala this movie revolves around three main characters. Velayudhan (I M Vijayan – in real he is a leading indian team football player of modern times) son of Karthiyayini (Seema Biswas), is a close friend to Narayani’s (K.A.P.C Lalitha) son.Both the family’s sons were being treated as their own sons for the mothers.All goes happily until a political rivalry heats up in their village.

Velayudhan and his close friend starts quarreling with each other for their different of opinion.All of a sudden Velayudhan along with few of his fellow persons enters into Narayini’s home and kills his close friend in front of the family and escapes.The place where the family was having their food were seen with the blood everywhere and creates an unexpected shock for the family.Then the film follows with a beautiful song sung by Chitra “Attunottundayorunni Amma Kathu Kathundayorunni..” which narrates the two families closeness with flashback sequences.

Karthiyayini knowing her sons wrongdoing worries a lot about both the families.Meantime Velayudhan have a sense of deep regret and guilt for his act. Karthiyayini tries to say apology to Narayani.But  Narayani doesnt wish to meet her anymore.Velayudhan tries to hide himself as the situation arises when the opponent group tries to capture and kill him at any time.After several attempts Karthiyayini conveniences Narayani and asks her to save her son.The film ends with a positive note of forgiveness, tolerance and a gracefully act which saves  Velayudhan.

Jayaraj is one among the creative and finest directors of Malayalam films and a gift for indian cinema.All the characters been beautifully framed espically the Narayani ‘s and Velayudhan roles were spell bounding. Velayudhan’s guilty characterization been screenplayed to its finest quality.Jeyaraj’s direction , P.Suresh kumar and Madampu Kunjukuttan’s screenplay and the entire Casts performance made this movie to the heights of film making.Ravi Varma’s cinematography is highly commendable. A must watch movie for its peace-loving ending.


2000 – National film award for Best Picture

2000 – National film award for Best supporting actress K.A.P.C Lalitha

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Scenes from a Marriage

Scenes from a Marriage

Scenes from a Marriage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Director:  Ingmar Bergman
Cast: Liv Ullmann, Erland Josephson
Language: Swedish

Scenes from a Marriage was written and directed by  Ingmar Bergman originally for a TV series in 1973 later  its modified version hits the theaters.As like most of his films which mainly focuses on human relationships, its values, this film deals about  a married couple whom lacks for love, sex and intimacy in general.

Marianne (played by Liv Ullmann, whom casts in most of Bergman’s movies) a lawyer by profession been married to Johan (Erland Josephson) a professor.The story begins as both Johan and Marianne been interviewed for a magazine article.Questions were posted on them by a lady interviewer regarding the experience and opinion on their married life.Johan focuses his family as a successful one.

Marianne lacks in expressing herself with Johan and for Marianne, johan lacks in sex life.Johan informs Marianne that he is about to leave from her and informs that he is dating another woman named Paula.He shouts Marianee as she lacks of care and love on him.Marianee begs him not to leave her and she asks for some more time to change herself, but Johan refuses and leaves here.As Johan lives with Paula, later Marianne fell in love with another man.But both feels they are unhappy in their married life.They meets again after few years later and share their feelings with mixed emotions.

Only few directors like Ingmar Bergman can go beyond a level in movie making.His movies are more towards the human inner values rather than the visual technical expertise. i loved the screenplay and the powerful dialogues which gave justice to its script. A must watch for the married couples.In a positive way in general, Scenes from a Marriage emphasizes the bond and love in need between the couples.

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The Godfather

Cover of "The Godfather (Widescreen Editi...

Cover of The Godfather (Widescreen Edition)

Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Cast:Marlon Brando,Al Pacino,James Caan,Richard S. Castellano

The Godfather is an American Gangster film directed by Francis Ford Coppola based on the novel by Mario Puzo.The film was released in 1972 and has its  sequels of part II and III which collectively called as The Godfather Trilogy.Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) is the head of Corleone crime family, the most  powerful Sicilian Mafia family lives in New york.

The movie begins with the wedding celebrations of Vito’s daughter Connie (Talia Shire).On the marriage’s  backstage Vito deals with drug lord Virgil Sollozzo (Al Lettieri).Sollozzo requests Vito’s support for Tattaglia family’s heroin business deals.Vito refuses  to accept the proposal as it may lead to break up his good ties with political parties.In mean time singer Johnny Fontane (Al Martino) arrives at the wedding  party surprises and entertains everyone.Johnny requests Vito to help him to get entry in hollywood for his bright career as an actor.Vito later fulfills  Johnny’s wish by sending Tom Hagen (Robert Duvall) to hollywood studio whom meet up with studio head Jack Woltz (John Marley).Hagen is an adopted son and  close adviser to Vito Corleone.

Vito’s youngest son, Michael (Al Pacino) arrives for the wedding with his girl friend Kay Adams (Diane Keaton).Michael detaches himself from the crime  activities carried by his family.Vito escapes from first assassination attempt on him with bullet injury on his neck. The attempt was carried out by  Sollozzo.Vito also been prevented from his second assassination attempt by Michael at a hospital where Vito been admitted.Vito’s eldest son Sonny (James  Caan) kills Tattaglia’s son following the incident.Later Michael voluntarily enters the families crime activities due to the family condition.First he tries  and kills Sollozzo with his brother Sonny’s permission.Michael escapes to Sicily and marries a local girl.In a short period Michael joins back with the  family following the death of his wife in an assassination attempt.Later he marries his long time girl friend Kay Adams.Vito one day while playing with his grand children’s, dies in the garden.

Sonny beats his sister Connie’s husband as he abuses her most of the time after marriage.On his way back Sonny is shot down.Michael slowly becomes the God  father and destroys another powerful gangster Emilio Barzini (Richard Conte).Having clearly destroyed most of the families oppositions Michael now becomes a  real God father.The film ends as Kay watches Michael been kissed on his hand by some gang leader saying him “Don Corleone” and the door slowly been  closed.

This is one of the finest gangster movie in the history of cinema.Marlon Brando just lived as a god father in this film and his performance is  outstanding.He even refuses to accept the oscar awards for his role.After George C. Scott for Patton, Brando is the second person to refuse the oscar.The  entire casting in the movie is awesome.Francis Ford Coppola’s direction and screenplay along with the cast and the powerful dialogues made this movie gain  top spot in the movie history’s all time favourite.The Godfather is a must watch.

American Film Institute 100 years…100 movies Ranks #3
1973 Academy Award

Best Actor, Marlon Brando
Best Picture, Albert S. Ruddy
Best Adapted Screenplay, Mario Puzo, Francis Ford Coppola

Golden Globe Awards
Best Picture – Drama
Best Director, Francis Ford Coppola
Best Actor – Drama, Marlon Brando
Best Original Score, Nino Rota
Best Screenplay, Mario Puzo, Francis Ford Coppola

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Children of Heaven

Cover of "Children of Heaven"

Cover of Children of Heaven

Director: Majid Majidi
Cast: Amir Farrokh ,Hashemian, Bahare Seddiqi

Children of Heaven is an Iranian movie directed by Majid Majidi.This movie has a very simple story line about a brother and sister and their adventures over their lost pair of shoes.As usual with simply story line this Iranian director Majid Majidi handled the script in a most interesting and beautiful way which impresses the viewers.Ali (Amir Farrokh Hashemian) on his way back to home losses his sister’s pair of shoes in a grocery shop after he got those get repaired.Ali informs his sister Zahra (Bahare Seddiqi) and feels sorry about it.By Understanding their family’s economic condition both were worried to inform the situation to their father (Reza Naji) as their father is a daily wager.

Ali requests Zahra to manage with his own pair of shoes while going for school.They will make an agreement that Zahra after finishes her morning school has to handover to Ali for his mid-day school.With this agreement both has to run fast at the mid-day to meet at one place for the exchange.Due to this situation Ali was supposed to reach school in late for some times.After several warnings from principal, one day the principal asks Ali to bring his parents.As Ali studies well in the class,his teacher asks the principal to give him one more chance.Meanwhile Zahra identify her own pair of shoes with another student.Zara and Ali after following her came to know that her fellow student’s father is a blind and his is a garbage collector,so they decides to leave the place by understanding the girl’s situation.

Later one day Ali finds in his school notice board that a pair of shoes will be awarded as the third prize for a marathon competition.Ali have a lot of hope on it and joins the competition.Unfortunately he becomes first and misses the pair of shoes.The film ends as Ali’s father heads towards his home on his vehicle from a shop,which has new pairs of white and pink shoes on the back of the vehicle basket.An heart touching story of children’s having qualities such as responsibility,sacrifice and kind heart which ends with a happy note.The direction and its screenplay is just awesome.Above all the kids performance is mind blowing.Really they are children’s of heaven.


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Red Beard

Red Beard

Red Beard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Director: Akira Kurosawa
Cast: Toshirō Mifune, Yūzō Kayama,Terumi Niki

Red Beard  a 1965 Japanese film directed by the acclaimed director Akira Kurosawa.This film has a main plot about the relationship between a clinic chief doctor Dr. Kyojō Niide, (Toshirō Mifune) nicknamed Red Beard and his new joined trainee Dr. Noboru Yasumoto (Yūzō Kayama).This film also contains several sub plot characters and their own stories well-connected with the film which deals with social injustices and humanism.

Dr. Niide who runs a clinic by providing free treatments for the surrounding poor people has two trainees under him.The clinic has several wards for both men and women and has its own dedicated women cooks for preparing foods for the entire people in clinic. Dr. Yasumoto who visits the clinic one day for some enquiries, was forced to join in the clinic by Dr. Niide even though Dr. Yasumoto dislikes to join the clinic. Dr. Yasumoto was informed that working under Dr. Niide is really a tougher job but same time one can learn a lot from the clinic experience. Dr. Yasumoto refuses to wear the clinic uniform and also tries to break Dr. Niide rules.Later as the film moves into its sub plots in which Dr. Yasumoto has experiences from Rokusuke an old man on his death-bed,and with Sahachi a beloved patient for all the members in the clinic for his kind and helping nature to all concerns Dr. Yasumoto. Later Dr. Yasumoto involves himself dedicately with the clinic job.

One day from a brothel a 12-year-old girl Otoyo (Terumi Niki )  been rescued by both Dr. Niide and Dr. Yasumoto and brings her to the clinic for treatment. Dr. Niide  appoints Dr. Yasumoto for the complete take care of the Otoyo.Initially Otoyo refuses to co-operate with Dr. Yasumoto but later understands and believe with other members of the clinic.The final sub plot of the movie deals with a little poor boy who steals food from the clinic.Otoyo offers the little boy with food and requests him not to steal anymore.Finally the movie ends with Dr. Yasumoto’s marriage and his willingness to stay in the clinic itself throughout his life for the service of the poor by being poor himself accepting the situation for no money in return for his work.

Director Akira Kurosawa through this movie makes the viewers to re-think about the issues which the society is facing.He brialiantly deals the subjects such as social injustice,humanism,poverty through several sub plots in the film with required emotions.Movies which mainly ment for entertainment sometimes when handled by distinct directors such as Akira Kurosawa educates and makes one to even think and act towards righteousness. Red Beard is a must watch.

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Gate of Hell

English: 1953 Japanese movie poster for 1953 J...

English: 1953 Japanese movie poster for 1953 Japanese film Gate of Hell (Jigokumon). Japanese movie poster depicting Kazuo Hasegawa (up) and Machiko Kyō (down). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Director : Teinosuke Kinugasa
Cast : Kazuo Hasegawa,Machiko Kyō

Gate of Hell directed by Teinosuke Kinugasa was the first Japanese color film to be released outside of Japan.This film is set during the 12th century Heian period in Kyoto, Japan. Gate of Hell tells story about a samurai named Moritoh(Kazuo Hasegawa) and a Girl whom he fell in love with and wish to marry.The film opens with the revolutionary scenes which happens and rocks the Kyoto city.During the revolutionary crisis period, a chief master asks the people whom gathered in the city for any voluntary person who can act like and can save the Royal family member.

From the crowd gathered, a Lady named Kesa(Machiko Kyō) rushes and comes in front of him and accepts the invitation. She then flees in a bullock cart wearing the Royal family costumes to divert the enemies.Once the enemies tries to attack her, samurai Moritoh saves Kesa and later the enemies get defeated.Samurai Moritoh came to know from her aunt that Lady Kesa works for the Royal family.He fell in love with her beauty and her brave attitude.Once the Royal court rewards all the soldiers who fought and won the battle, samurai Moritoh asks king for Kesa as a reward and tells his wish to marry her.After discussion they all came to know that Kesa is already a married woman.His propossal get rejected by the court and Moritoh gets upset and becomes angry.

After several attempts to convince Kesa for his wish, Moritoh fails all the time.Even after knowing all these circumstances, Kesa’s husband stays calm and quiet and have strong faith on Kesa.One day Moritoh blackmail’s Kesa and informs her that he will kill her husband if she didn’t accept for the marriage.After lot of  pressure, Kesa accepts to marry him.Moritoh informs kesa to turn off the lights on her husband room the following night at 9’o clock in order to kill him.Kesa  agrees for it.Kesa looks very sad on the following night, serves food for her husband and plays music as per her husband’s wish.

That night she requests her husband to sleep on her room itself beside her.After her husband slept, she moves to her husband’s room , turn off the room’s light and she goes for the sleep.Unaware of Kesa sleeping on her husband’s room,  Moritoh enters the room and kill Kesa.After knowing the truth Moritoh feels ashamed of himself for Kesa’s true love and sacrifice for her husband.Moritoh searches for Kesa’s husband, pleads before him and requests him to kill him for his action.But Kesa’s husband refuses to do so by informing Moritoh as anyway Kesa not going to come back again.The Film ends as Kesa’s husband feel sorry for himself thinking why and how he failed to get Kesa’s confident on him.

Gate of Hell is really a beautiful film.Still amazed by the film’s cinematography and the colors which has been used at 1950’s.Director Teinosuke Kinugasa made this movie as one of world classics.The film presents the viewers the rich traditional values of Japanese life style.

1955 Academy Award
Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film
Academy Award for Best Costume Design

1954 Cannes Film Festival
Palme d’Or

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Life is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Director: Roberto Benigni

Cast: Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi, Giorgio Cantarini

Life is beautiful is an Italian movie Acted , co-written and directed by Roberto Benigni.Usually Foreign language films  has an opportunity to get a spot for the Oscars through the Best foreign language film category. But few extraordinary films has an exception in which they can be nominated in other major categories for the Academy Awards, in which again very few won on those and Life is Beautiful is one such.The move is set before and after the World War II period.

Guido Orefice(Roberto Benigni) is an Italian Jew who has charismatic character and a funny young man.He fell in love with an upper class non-Jewish girl Dora(Nicoletta Braschi) and marries her.Both were real couples in Off-screen too.Dora’s family opposes their marriage.Dora stays away from her family and leads a happy life.Soon they have their son Giosuè (Giorgio Cantarini) and Dora later rejoins with her family on her son’s fourth birth day.All goes in happy and peaceful way until the family faces tough time when the World war II begins.As Jewish Guido and Giosuè have to onboard the train which leads to the concentration camp.Rather being an non-Jewish Dora too wants to onboard the train and joins with her family.Guido’s family have to face tougher times as men and women were separated in the concentration camp.

Guido wants his son Giosuè not to get affected by the current situation, so he doesn’t show any unhappy symptoms on his son.He plans and explains his son that all people came to this place to play a game.And the first person to get 1000 points is the winner who gets a Tanker.Guido also warns his son that if he asks for his mother or asks for more food the points will get reduced and the quite boys who hides from the camp guards will gain more points.Guido’s cleverer moves on each situation makes Giosuè feel as if it’s a game.Towards the end one night Guido asks his son to hide on a sweatbox in order to search for his wife as the American forces were advanced.Unfortunately Guido was caught by the security guards and been shot dead.Without knowing what happened to his dad Giosuè waits inside the box until next morning and comes out.Giosuè saw an American Tanker which headed towards him on the street.Giosuè assumes that he won the game.He was then taken by the American soldiers in the tank and while they travel on the roadside Giosuè suddenly saw his mother on another side and happily rejoins with her.

Movies towards the end  is very hard.You can just feel it.Life is beautiful has been narrated and acted extremely well by Roberto Benigni which won him an Oscar for his performance.Eventhough there are number of  World War II periodic films been there, very few can impact the audience with the harder times our past generations have came across and Life is beautiful  is one such really beautiful film though it’s hard to digest.


1999 Academy Awards:

Best Actor (Roberto Benigni)

Best Orignal Music

Best Foreign language film (Italy)

1998 Cannes film festival

Grand Prize of the Jury

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Mouna Raagam

Mouna Raagam

Mouna Raagam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Director:Mani Ratnam

Mouna Raagam (Silent Melody) a tamil film directed by Mani Ratnam is a poetic drama about two young couples Divya(Revathi),Chandrakumar(Mohan). Divya is a naughty and mischievous college student from a traditional family.Her life goes enthusiastically until her family plans for a marriage proposal.She is asked by her family to come home early for the day as bridegroom’s family have planned for a visit.She dislikes the proposal and come late in the evening by spending time with her friends to avoid the meet up.But unfortunately  the proposed bridegroom Chandrakumar waits for her.She is supposed to get ready quickly.

Both meet each other privately to know about each other before going for the marriage.Divya openly speaks about her mischievous characters and inform chandrakumar that she wont fit for him.But again unfortunately Chandrakumar informs her that he likes her to be part of his life and leaves.Later Divya quarrel with her family that she don’t want to get married and leaves the home that midnight.After a while when she returns home she came to know that her father had a heart attack and she finally approves for the marriage.

After marriage both Divya and Chandrakumar moves to Delhi as Chandrakumar has job there.New place,unknown language,unknown persons makes her feel more home sick.As she unlikely married him dhivya doesnt show any interest on chandrakumar.She asks and wishes him for a divorce.One day chandrakumar gives her two gifts, one he wished to give and the other she had wished.She gets angry and revels him the truth behind her dislike.Then in the flashback there comes Manohar(Karthik) a revolutionary guy whom loved divya in her college days.Divya rejects him initially but later fell in love with him.Later Manohar gets killed in a police encounter the day they both agreed to get register marriage.After hearing her past chandrakumar still ready to accept her and forgets her past

.As divya is adamant in her decision both files for a divorce.As per law divorce can be given only after an year.So both continue to live in same house.Eventhough she dislikes chandrakumar initially later she slowly understands and likes him.But in contrary chandrakumar dislikes her when she likes him.At the end when divya is about to leave from Delhi one evening she informs chandrakumar that she loves him and tore the divorce papers in front of him at the railway station and aboard on train.chandrakumar finally understands her and wishes to get her back home.But the train leaves the station and chandrakumar runs besides the moving train and catches the train at last.Seeing this divya gets delighted and both stops the train and finally chandrakumar holds her in his hands and walks away from the track.

Mouna Raagam is an evergreen film and its close to my heart.Mani Ratnam who crafted this movie as a director proved at that time that he is an emerging finest promising director for tamil film industry.People started to hope on him who is about to give finest movies for the industry in upcoming years which in later he proved so.Revathi’s acting in this movie gave her one of the finest actor status around the film industry and from the audiences.Mohan gave his full justification for his role.Ilayaraja’s music is spellbounding.For tamilians when asked for most, this would be one of their favourite film for sure.

1986 National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Tamil

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The Sound of Music

Cover of "The Sound of Music (Two-Disc 40...

Cover via Amazon

Director:Robert Wise
Cast:Julie Andrews,Christopher Plummer

The Sound of Music, is a musical film considered to be one of the classical and evergreen movie of all time.Filled with music and number of sound tracks, as  we are used to this kind its a sure entertainer for the viewers.Maria (Julie Andrews), a mischievous girl, also who is in her early stages in the process of becoming a nun stays at Nonnberg Abbey.Maria’s character been revealed to the viewers through one of the opening song ‘Maria..’.Regardless of her naughty character she has been liked by many in the Abbey.Mother Abbess (Peggy Wood) asks Maria to work as a governess in a widowed Austrian Navy Captain, Georg von Trapp’s (Christopher Plummer) house and to take care of his seven children’s.Maria accepts and travel to Georg von Trapp’s house.She is shocked to see the way in which the children’s been treated by their father George.Initially been unacceptable by the childrens, later they accepts and loves Maria for her commitment and carrying nature.

Maria takes the children to picnics,climbs trees and bicycles with them.One day when they all are in boating in a nearby lake,suddenly the boat capsizes and all fell into the water.Knowing this George gets anger on Maria and asks her to leave the palace.Later George realizes his mistakes and likes the way Maria treated his children’s. Maria reunites with the children and an affair developes between Maria and George and later they get married.When Georgen and Maria went for their honeymoon to Paris, Max, a close friend of George grooms the children to take part in the upcoming Salzburg Music Festival against George’s wish.Suddenly the things changes as Austria is annexed to Nazi Germany (March 12, 1938), George is supposed to report to Nazi Naval to accept the duty.As George dislikes to join in Nazi,tries to flee and before which he take part in the Salzburg Music Festival with his family.They all performs “So Long, Farewell” song on the stage and escapes from there to Switzerland.

Music and lyrics by Richard Rodgers,Oscar Hammerstein II,Irwin Kostal is outstanding.Julie Andrews has given her best performance.The movie has been remade into several languages.Tamil movies such as ‘Santhi nilayam’ and ‘Raja chinna Roja’ used some of its sound tracks.One can get all the Indian film ingredients in this one,from fun and comedy to romance and sentiments.Maria,Sixteen Going on Seventeen,My Favorite Things to name few favourite sound tracks.

Academy Awards (Oscars) for,
Best Picture (WINNER)
Best Director – Robert Wise (WINNER)
Best Actress in a Leading Role – Julie Andrews (Nomination)
Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Peggy Wood (Nomination)
Best Art Direction (Nomination)
Best Costume Design (Nomination)
Best Sound (James Corcoran, Fred Hynes) (WINNER)
Best Scoring of Music-adaptation or treatment (WINNER)
Best Cinematography (Nomination)
Best Film Editing (WINNER)

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The Ten Commandments

The artist's rendering of Charlton Heston as M...

The artist’s rendering of Charlton Heston as Moses was bulked up to modern physique standards when the DVD was released (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Director:Cecil B. DeMille
Cast : Charlton Heston,Yul Brynner,Anne Baxter,Edward G. Robinson

The Ten Commandments is an 1956 Epic film.i still remember the olden day when i first saw this movie with my friends in my hometown when i was studying in school.i was simply amazed by the parting of the sea in the climax.Feels great today that i have watched this movie in a big screen,which is a must.It was a strong contender IN 1956 Oscars for “Around the world in 80 days” and for “The King and I” and it lost most of its nominations and gained only one for Best visual effects which i wonder till date.But for me it deserves most of the Awards and above all Awards.Ben-hur,The Ten commandments and Cleopatra are the Epic masterpieces and non comparable with anyone.

Film opens and the Viewers feels back to 1391 BCE and start to get amazed by the sets and the costumes,cinematography and the visual effects and more towards the gripping dialogues.Bithiah finds an infant on a basket which floats on the banks of Nile while she is having  bath at the banks of Nile along with her fellow entertainers.She is the daughter of Pharaoh, Rameses I.She is a widower and has no child.She wishes to have the baby and brought up as her own son.She names him as Moses (Charlton Heston).Moses is an epic biblical character who plays the lead role and the story revolves around him throughout the film.When Moses grows, he actively take part and won battles in his dynasty.Nefretiri (Anne Baxter) the next to be thrown in the kingdom loves Moses and wishes to marry him.

But Pharaoh Rameses II (Yul Brynner) who wish to be on the throne wants to marry Nefretiri.Nefretiri dislikes Rameses II. Rameses II feels Moses as his enemy for his throne desire.In meantime Nefretiri came to know the secret that Moses is not a prince rather a son of Hebrew.But though she continues to love Moses.Rameses II then plans and make Moses to leave the city.Moses loves his people and he is a saviour among them as he wants to free the slave people.Later Moses get the ten commandments directly from the god to preach among people.Finally Moses and his people leaves Egypt and heads towards Israel and appoints Joshua as his successor.

Cropped screenshot of Charlton Heston from the...

Cropped screenshot of Charlton Heston from the trailer for the film The Ten Commandments. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cropped screenshot of Anne Baxter with Yul Bry...

Cropped screenshot of Anne Baxter with Yul Brynner from the trailer for the film The Ten Commandments. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Perumazhakkalam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cast:Meera Jasmine, Kavya Madhavan, Dileep , Vineeth, Salim Kumar ,Biju Menon

Perumazhakkalam is a Malayalam film directed by Kamal which tells the story about Raziya (Meera Jasmine) whos is married to Akbar (Dileep).Akbar works and lives in Gulf whereas Raziya lives with her daughter in her hometown Kerala.Raziya’s life goes happier until she came to know one day that her husband was in jail and sentenced to death for killing his fellow colleague Raghu Rama Iyer (Vineeth). Raghu Rama Iyer comes from a traditional tamil Brahmin family whom worked in Gulf.His family lives in an agraharam in a seperate kerala town .Raziya on the other hand comes from a traditional Muslim family was much worried about the situation and her only option now to save her husband is to get a pardon letter from Raghu ram iyer’s wife Ganga (Kavya Madhavan).Raziya along with her father and with the help of her father-in-law tries to visit Ganga,but gets failed when Ragu ram iyer’s family members were opposed to it.Ganga was informed not to meet or pardon the family.

Meanwhile Akbar’s friend (Biju Menon) arrives to Kerala from Gulf and meets Raziya and gives his full support and needful help for her to come out of this terrible situation.Raziya meet local minister ,but nothing helps her.Then Raziya meets Ganga one day and  seeks pardon for her husband.Ganga refuses it and Raziya was forced out by Ganga’s family members from the Agraharam.After several attempts which gets failed Raziya goes back to her hometown with no hope.But later Ganga changes her mind to save Akbar.Along with the help of a local priest Ganga leaves her home one fine morning before dawn, without informing anyone in the family.She travels and meet Raziya in her home and expresses her pardon for Akbar.Raziya is overjoyed and awaits for her husband to return from Gulf after his release.Meanwhile when Ganga goes back to her family she was forced to leave the house as Ragu ram family dislikes her decission.Both Raziya and Akbar later meets Ganga where she is staying alone with her only daughter and thanks her.The film ends as Ganga’s daughter starts playing with Raziya’s daughter.

Most of the song sequences were good and especially ‘Mehruba’ is entertaining and ‘Chenthar Mizhi’ is an artistic one.The screenplay been well handled and Meera Jasmine’s acting was spellbounding.Throught the film it rains and it wets ones heart too.Its all about sympathy in the end.

2005 – National Film Award for Best Film on Other Social Issues


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Umberto D.

Umberto D.

Umberto D. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Director : Vittorio de Sica
Cast : Carlo Battisti, Maria-Pia Casilio, Lina Gennari
Umberto D. is an Italian neorealist film directed by Vittorio de Sica.It tells the story about Umberto Domenico Ferrari (Carlo Battisti) an old man lives in Rome who depends entirely on his pension.There are only very few main characters in this film which revolves around Umberto D., his pet dog (Flike) and a maid (Maria-Pia Casilio). Neorealist films focusses on day-to-day life of poor and middle class people who faces poverty and depression and usually in such kind of movies the characters will be played by unprofessionals.

Umberto lives in an apartment on a small room as a tenant.The landlady (Lina Gennari) informs Umberto to vacate the room as she believes that Umberto wont suite for her social life style anymore. Umberto has to pay an amount of fifteen thousand lire for the landlady.A maid in the apartment helps Umberto for his basic needs.Umberto is very close with his pet dog named Flike and his companion too.Umberto sells his books and watch to collect some money for the rent, but can able to gather only few amount.Meanwhile the maid will inform Umberto that she has an affair with two men, but both of them neglects her once they came to know she is pregnant.

Umberto feels very lonely,insecure and depressed.One day he calls the emergency to admit him on the hospital so that he can save some of his pension amount and can get a place to live.But soon after he was discharged, he goes back to his apartment and shocked to see that his room is on renovation process.Being understood that he can no longer be allowed in his room for the stay, he leaves the apartment with his dog.Umberto tries to put his beloved dog on one care takers house.But he changes his mind when he feels that care takers wont take care of flike as he wishes.He then leaves the place with Flike.On his way some children’s starts playing with Flike, by watching this  Umberto tries to leave the place silently.But this too fails as Flike follows and searches for Umberto.Finally Umberto tries for a suicide attempt on a rail track with flike.Flike then escapes himself from Umberto’s hand and runs away.Umberto then calls for Flike and realises his mistake and gains his will to live along with Flike.

The first half of the movie goes as usual , but i was really moved and impressed with the second half of the film in which i have admired Vittorio de Sica’s master work.Its simply a spellbounding towards the end.At one stage Umberto tries to beg with the help of Flike,but changes his mind later which shows only certain circumstances leads a person to take some wrong decisions, which Vittorio de Sica had also depicted in his earlier film “The Bicycle Thieves”.Umberto’s sincere care to keep Flike comfortable shows his kind heart.Even with minimal dialogues Vittorio de Sica had conveyed a lot through his frames which leaves the audience to think about from then on.

Nominated for Best Screenplay at 1957 Academy Awards
Nominated for Grand Prix at 1952 Cannes Film Festival.

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How Green Was My Valley

Cover of "How Green Was My Valley"

Cover of How Green Was My Valley

Director: John Ford
Cast:Walter Pidgeon, Maureen O’Hara, Anna Lee,Roddy McDowall

How Green Was My valley is an American film Directed by one of the greatest directors in the world , John Ford which tells the story about a Welsh Morgan’s family.The film was released in 1941, but one can admire how this movie has been crafted so nicely when the technology was so limited and film industry was just started exploring.But these days with advanced technologies its rare to see such kind of really beautiful movies especially for the movie lovers.Wish to see more such movies in future.

This movie is completely a family drama.The story is a narration by one of the youngest son in Morgan’s family named Huw Morgan (Roddy McDowall) who is now a middle-aged man recalls his own childhood memories.Morgans is a big family and  Huw has his five elder brothers and three sisters and out of which one is younger to him.Along with his father, all his brothers works in a mining factory in his town.Huw’s father is a well respectable person and his mother is a devoted housewife who takes care of her childrens.Huw’s eldest brother marries Bronwen whom he was much affectionate with.One of his elder sister romances local preacher but due to circumstances she marries another guy whom she later divorces.

The family struggles in middle due to a strike in the mining factory.Some of Huw’s brothers will leave from the family for their future.In Between Huw gets injury in his leg while saving his mother from drowning.The local preacher whom earlier loved his sister helps Huw for recovery.The film finally ends with the loss of Huw’s father in a mining blast.

Academy Awards for,
Best Picture, Best Director,Best Supporting Actor (Donald Crisp) and Best Cinematography (Black and white)

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Fanny and Alexander

Cover of the Criterion Collection 5-Disc DVD r...

Cover of the Criterion Collection 5-Disc DVD release of Fanny and Alexander (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fanny and Alexander
Cast:Bertil Guve,Pernilla Allwin,Ewa Fröling,Allan Edwall,Gunn Wållgren
Director:Ingmar Bergman

Fanny and Alexander is a Swedish fantasy drama written and directed by Ingmar Bergman.Its a semi-autobiographical film of Ingmar Bergman.Ingmar Bergman has his own style of portraying the characters in his films.Most of his films deals with relationships ,human values, understanding of God and particularly deals with feminine characteristics.The colours he uses on the backdrop for his film has his unique style.This movie too tells a story about two young children’s Fanny (Pernilla Allwin) and Alexander (Bertil Guve) who brought up by a wealthy Swedish family (Ekdahl’s).The Ekdahl’s Family been headed by their Grandmother Helena Ekdahl (Gunn Wållgren).I have to mention that she has lived in her character.She is outstanding in this film.

Comming to the plot of the film,the family runs happily until Fanny and Alexander’s father Oscar Ekdahl’s (Allan Edwall ) death due to a stroke at a theater play,where he and his wife Emelie (Ewa Fröling) were theater artists.Soon after she marries a local bishop whom a widower himself when proposes her for the marriage.Emelie and her two children’s will be moved to Bishop’s ascetic home.Fanny and Alexander feels uncomfortable with the strict disciplines and rules in the house which later Emelie too feels the same.The Bishop will be especially rude over Alexander and sometimes punish and beat him heavily.Emelie informs about their situation to her mother-in-law Helena Ekdahl secretly.

With the help of Helena’s friend whom runs an antique shop,a magician too smuggles the children’s from bishop’s home.Ekdahl’s family attempt to Emelie from bishop fails.Then Emelie one day tries to escape from the bishop house by gives him more sleeping pills.But unfortunately bishop’s room caught fire and he dies.The film ends with a happy note as the family members reunite and arrange for a party.This film also has another plot where Alexander’s uncle has an affair with the Family’s nanny where she and her baby will be accepted by the Ekdahl’s family at the end.Finally the film ends as Alexander was pushed on the floor suddenly and he witnesses the bishop’s ghost which signals that he wont leave him completely free.This film was conceived as a Television series initially.Later been cutted to 3hrs movie.Fanny and Alexander to be cherished for a long.

Awards won:

1983 Academy awards for following,

Best Foreign language film

Best Cinematography

Best Art direction

Best Costumes

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